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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

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Any Occasion Series: Happy Birthday

This bubble jar candle is chocolatey + reminiscent of a scent that reminds us of celebrating a birthday. This scent can bring anyone back to a time they associated their birthday with dark chocolate + presents! This candle has scented notes that remind us of: dark chocolate + raw cacao fruit + cocoa butter + madagascar vanilla.

This uniquely designed bubble glass jar + custom dust cover are the perfect birthday gift for any candle lover! Have a gift closet? Stock these at home to be your go-to gift when you need the perfect present under $30!

A little about our hand-poured candles:

  • 100% (midwest-grown) soy wax | lead-free braided cotton wick
  • fragrance + essential oils
  • approximate burn time 50-60 hours
  • net wt. 10 oz. // Jar 11 oz.
  • custom amber glass bubble jar - recycled glass
    • reuse this glass over + over again as barware!

Candle care is important. Here are some tips for an even, clean, + consistent burn:

  • Initial burn // memory burn: make sure to keep your candle lit until the entire pool of wax reaches the edges. This first burn sets the tone of relighting your candle + ensures an even burn from that point forward. If you extinguish your candle flame before a full melt pool, your candle will likely result in tunneling.
  • Don't forget to trim your wick before relighting your candle each time.
  • Keep your candle away from drafty areas.
  • Keep your candle out of reach of children + pets.

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